Self Assessment - AGAIN! - Advice This Time


Can I have too please! for next yr…

Thank you!!


I’d love a copy of the spreadsheet too.


I think so, we all benefit quite a lot from this one and get the answers all ironed out to all of our questions at once.


Oh please can I have a copy of this? As i’m in start up phase this would be fabulous for when I eventually do start and helpful for my first year!

My addy is:

Thank you in advance!



Also in start up phase and haven’t got my ‘business’ email sorted yet! please can you send it to me at




Please could I have a copy of the spreadsheet too?


I’ve sent it to everyone who asked now. If I’ve missed anyone out please let me know.

That sounds a great idea having a tax chat topic. Looks like most people are not 100% sure what they are doing.


Hi Yvette,
You missed me :cry:
My email is


Sorry Kelly, I’d sent it to the hotmail address on your profile. Have just re-sent it.


Many thanks :smiley:



Me too, can i have a copy of the spreadsheet :smiley:


No problem Ellen, I’ve just sent it.


Thank you - Your a star!


Could I have a copy please Yvette. Hopefully by next year I’ll have something to put on a tax return.


Hi Charley, have just sent it.


Hi Yvette,

I know it’s a bit later on, but can I have a copy for future reference please?

Can you email it to petersmith276 at please?

Thank you.


No problem Peter, it’s sent. There’s always next year to use it for.


Thank you, it is much appreciated. :slight_smile:


Hi Yvette,
Just reading this and wondering if I could please have a copy of this spreadsheet too. Sounds very helpful.



Hi Helen, I’ve just sent it.
Hope it’s useful.