Self Assessment - AGAIN! - Advice This Time


I know most of you are probably a lot more organised than me leaving my tax returns to a couple of weeks before they are due but just wanted to let you know that an accountant has emailed me a spreadsheet that is brilliant. You can put in all your expenses and you can put in it how many rooms in your house etc and it works it all out for you with regards to how much you can claim for.

If anyone wants a copy for reference let me know and I’ll email it to you.


I’d love a copy, thanks very much.

My email is

Much appreciated.


Hi Sharon

I’ve just sent it to you. I’ve finally finished my tax return now and by using this spreadsheet I saved myself about £300 so it was certainly worth getting this advice from an accountant. I nearly did myself out of money there.

Hope it’s just as helpful to you.



Brilliant, well done you - it’s a relief to get it out of the way isn’t it?

And thanks again :slight_smile:

I got it, Yvette.


My tax return’s done for this year but I’d love a copy of the spreadsheet to start keeping records for next year. Thanks Yvette.


Yes Sharon, it is a real relief. I said it last year and I say it again this year that next year I’m NOT leaving it to the last minute again. I’m going to do it nice and early this time so I don’t have any of this stressing about that I have been doing all week.


Hi Marj, have just emailed it to you. Hope it helps for next year.


Hi Yvette

Please can I have it too - I don’t have to do my tax return until next year but it’ll be useful for then. Email is



Hi Yvette

I’d love a copy of that spreadsheet, thanks for sharing it with us.

My email address is


Hi Yvette,

I would love a copy - how are the children?


Clare, Angela, Charlotte - I’ve just emailed it to all of you.

Charlotte - the children are both great thanks although Jake has been a real monkey today. I was busy working and hadn’t realised he had gone into the kitchen, somehow opened the larder (even though it has a child lock on it) and emptied oil all over the kitchen floor. I didn’t realise until he started crying and I went in there and saw him ice skating on it. Once he got over the crying he thought it was hysterically funny that he was skidding everywhere!

How are your two?


Sounds like a fun day.

My two are fine. Nathan is teething and now has two teeth with more on the way so lots of sleepless nights.

Matthew is a right terror but lovely with it. He tried a full day at nursery yesterday which he loved which is great as I am putting him in for 2 1/2 days in April when the government pay. :laughing:


It sounds like both Nathan & Matthew are both doing well. That’s good news.

I hope Nathan isn’t in too much pain. I am wondering if Chloe is starting to teeth although I can’t feel anything but she is constantly biting on anything and everything in sight. No other teething signs now and she has now started sleeping 12 hours at night so I am in no rush for them to come through.

Brilliant news that Matthew is so happy at nursery. Jake is starting his new nursery next week and it can’t come soon enough. It’s not his fault but he gets bored very easily and once he is bored he causes havoc here. His nursery only offer half days though.


Please could I have a copy of the spreadsheet so I can use it for this year’s return.


I’ll email it over to you now Lynn


Hi Yvette
Please may I have a copy of the spreadsheet, too? It’s very kind of you to pass it along.



I’ve just sent it Carol.


Possibly a good sva chat topic would be tax advice???


I think that’s a good idea. And how possible would it be to get an “expert” to do a talk, give pointers and info?



A talk on tax advice would be great - I know I could certainly do with the help :laughing: