Search by location


Still trying to find my way around the site so the answer to this might be in another area. Is there anyway that a ‘search by location’ feature could be added so that potential Clients can access services close to them? I know we are all ‘virtual’ but sometimes we do need to meet Clients face-to-face to hand over documents, accounts, bookkeeping, etc.


True it would be handy - we looked at this a little while ago, basically in order for it to work we need a postcode checker thing from Royal Mail which is exorbitantly expensive.

However our web hosts may be investing in this as part of their services and if they do we’ll be able to get access and piggyback on their subscription.

It’s a long way off tho… Unless someone wants to donate £5,000?



Try Phoogle Maps for phpbb. Its a great modification for phpbb. Basically, you click on the member name of who you want to find their location and it shows you their location on a map. The user can indicate that they want to display their information on the map whilst signing up.

You can also set the mod so it only displays certain types of user groups. For example, you can place all members offering VA Services in a user group called “Business” and only have this group showing on Phoogle Maps so users who have signed up just looking for a business to carry out their work for them will not be displayed on the Phoogle Map.

phpbb modification: … &sk=t&sd=a




The problem with that is it is a little TOO accurate and could actually reveal your home address… Not great!


ahh ok then :wink: