Scary Biscuits!


Dear All,

Excuse the title’s pun, given the topic of this post, but I am in shock. :scream: :cookie:

A friend sent me this link a few days ago saying “how scary is this?!?”

… and goodness do I agree!

I have just watched it in front of a bowl of ready made soup which, despite being one of the chilled “fresh” (and therefore supposedly “healthy”) options, contained (I believe) a little under half of my daily sugar allowance!
A quick, obligatory, survey of my kitchen has revealed that there was NOTHING that has no sugar in it :unamused:

Though, on the one hand, that is not very surprising (all carbs are essentially sugar) I am struggling to take in the sheer amount of sugar present in some of my, supposedly “healthy” foods. My Jordan’s “lowers cholesterol” cereals has 7g per portion (and I am sure I have more than a standard portion size in the morning). If, as the programme suggests, we should be aiming for no more than 6 teaspoons (I think it works out at 24g) a day … cutting sugar intake is no mean feat!

Bizarrely, though I have been obsessed with food for many years now, sugar has never really been on my radar. Partly because I have low blood pressure so I actually carry glucose tablets with me sometimes, but partly because I had not thought of looking at just how much sugar I am inadvertently consuming. I dread to think what my daily sugar count amounts to :fearful:

I wonder if working from home makes this worse. I certainly do not exercise enough, sadly.

Part of me wishes I had not watched the programme as it feels as though it adds yet another layer of stress we really do not need, but I wonder if this is something that, as an industry, we should be thinking about.

Had anyone seen the programme before? Have you tried any of the tips they suggested? The thought of cooking more fills me with dread given how busy I am, but I might have to start looking into it. If some of you have made the change in their lives already, do share your useful tips.

:four_leaf_clover: to us all!

Anna :persevere:


Yeah - it’s kinda difficult unless you cook everything from scratch. But frankly I don’t buy into the “all sugar is bad” thing.

Like how can a punnet of strawberries possibly be worse than eating processed yoghurt with artificial sweeteners in it? Daily I struggle to keep the nasty sweeteners out the house. The war on sugar is definitely responsible. Just let people choose.


:laughing: That’s so true!

I suppose making a problem out of these things IS the problem. But the question about a healthy lifestyle is a difficult one. I always find an “email I must get to” or “project I must finish” to excuse me from all sorts of healthy activities.

I guess I need to be my own VA and be strict about blocking out time etc. Any tricks that helped you happily received :wink:


Well if you find the answer, let me know!

I did used to have a Monday morning yoga class, which was an amazing way to start the week… Sadly it got cancelled and I haven’t been able to find a replacement which fits.


I know the feeling all too well … sigh!