Saturday Night Takeaway


Did you see Saturday Night Takeaway? Recognise anyone in the crowd?

Well here is a little news article which should give you all a laugh. :laughing: … 41149.html


Oh Heather, I feel for you!


Debs - we haven’t stopped laughing since it happened

There was that moment of, oh I got that one wrong, and then the giggles just started and they haven’t stopped.

My local radio station ‘Cool FM’ had me on their show on Tuesday morning and they organised for me play Win The Ads and I won all the prizes from their ad break. They have just been fantastic.

Tickets for Disney on Ice
Tickets for Ice Hockey Belfast Giants
£30 taxi fares
Meal for two at a local restaurant
Tickets for the music festival Belsonic to see the Chemical Brothers
Free car and 2 x passenger sailing with Stenna Line to Scotland or Liverpool

It seems that making an eejit of yourself isn’t that bad after all


What a fantastic surprise - I had no idea they were going to do that!!! … 8648746001

I have 6 days to get organised!!!

#panic #excited


Oh dear! But lovely to see you ‘in the flesh’ Heather. Good outcome despite the woopsie!


Oh wow, all worked out very nicely then! Enjoy your prizes! :slight_smile:


Oh no, but an easy mistake to make when you’re caught up in the moment. Glad you could see the funny side of things!


Hi all - well I am back from the ‘Cabin on a Cruise’ trip hosted by Ant & Dec and Saturday Night Take-away.

It was a fantastic experience - even after sailing through a 120 mile per hour gale!! Let’s just say I am glad to have my feet back on terra firma. No - really we had a great time and we can’t thank ITV enough for making my mishap into a memorable holiday.

I even managed to carry out work for clients whilst I was cruising round the Med - now how’s that for ‘virtual’. :typing:

So if you find yourself in an awkward situation - just smile - you never know what good can come from it :smiley:


Lovely silver lining! How fun - plus probably great PR for the business! Cool FM is without a doubt the biggest station over there is it not???


Yes it is Caroline. I didn’t mention the business though as I didn’t know what they intended doing at that stage and I didn’t think it wise to have the business name plastered all over the radio. But hey, I still had a ball.


Brilliant, Heather!