SAGE query


I wondered if anyone can help me.
I have a client who has a subcontractor that works for them for different companies.
When it comes to reporting, they would like the income & expenditure for a particular company that they are doing work for.
At the moment I am putting all the sub-contractors invoices on against the same nominal code as the job is effectively the same for each company, however this does not allow me to diiferentiate art the point of reporting.
Is there a way on Sage that I can ‘divide’ his invoices into different companies so I can just draw out the ones I need for expenditure reporting?
I thought of the reference field but I can not see any mention of being able to use this when pulling up a report.
I’m sure SAGE will allow this but this is 1 area of it that i’ve not come across before.
I would be very grateful if anyone can help me. I do hope I am making sense.
Thank you
Kind regards


Hi Sarah

I think you’d need to either split is invoices per company he’s working for or have him submit different invoices per client he works for. Can’t think of another way of doing it…



Hello Caroline,

Thank you for replying.

The invoices quite often are for 1 particular company so that’s ok. The problem comes at the point of reporting- how I extract just the ones for company a & not b.

Using departments has been suggested to me which I am going to look at or using the ex-ref field & exporting to Excel.

By the way, apologies if I should of posted in ‘How do I’ instead of here.
Thanks again
Kind regards
Sarah (’:xmas:’)