Remote data backup


I currently have office 365 and one drive back up but was looking to get data backed up remotely. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for companies they are using/have used.


So whatever you go for, you want to make sure it’s compatible with GDPR - you can look at our crib sheet here:


Thanks Caroline - this is very useful. :grin:


This might be food for thought!

I recommend UK or Europe based due to GDPR and speed. Also be aware of tools that update as you go along as this can be useful but can slow things down for you.



Would an external hard drive suffice? I have an expensive external hard drive x


I have on site back up, plus essentials in Dropbox with the business plan so I have the roll back for my data and all client data. Useful for when a client reports that they’ve just deleted an entire folder, or realised that they’ve written over an essential file.


Nope - because chances are, if your computer gets nicked, the hard drive will be connected and nicked too. Ditto if your house burns down, or gets flooded etc. (Sorry - disaster scenarios aren’t very cheery for a Monday afternoon, but you need to think worst case scenario in order for back up to be effective! :wink: )

So you need the data to be backed up and then the drive put somewhere totally off site… So I know VAs who have 2 and they back up daily, give one to their other half who takes it to work, and then they swap the two drives over, so one stays at work and one backs up. I also know VAs who have a fireproof safe which they keep the back up in, but again you need two in order for this to be effective really.


One of the things my dh does for a living is think up and work out how to counter disaster scenarios. The one thing he’s repeated continuously is that if your data doesn’t exist in three places it doesn’t really exist. So in your house is one place, two cloud servers is another. Or yes two physical places.


He and I Wendrie can go think up disaster movie plots!!!


Hi There,

We have worked on a number of different platforms and we have now developed a Cloud storage solution that we use with a number of clients and for our own business along with offering Domain, Hosting and Email Management. If you are interested please let me know.


Caroline, thanks for this! I do already back up to the cloud but was thinking perhaps I could use the hard drive that never gets used (lol!! Who thought it was a good idea to buy one?!? My other half!!)
I appreciate the advice, yes it is morbid to think worst case scenario, but think worst case scenario and the worst thing that can happen is that you’re then just prepared for it anyway!! x


To be fair to your other half, I think it’s not a bad idea to have a hard copy which isn’t connected online either… I’ve heard a few horror stories about hackers getting in and deleting everything, which then gets copied onto the mirror server too!


I might have to do a bit of both! With all work so far I have deleted files a couple of days later (i seriously hate clutter!! Clients are fine with this)

It’s hard finding a balance but i suppose there is no such thing as going “over the top” when it comes to protecting data xx