Rebrand/New Logo


I decided to re-invent my logo recently and made some logos in Canva, I posted them in a few FB groups and received some great feedback.

This one lovely lady messaged me directly, she had taken the time to personally design me a logo which I instantly fell in love with and now use. She did this for free and without me even knowing who she was!

Please do check her out if you need anything;


The only thing I would be careful of using offshore designers for logos: copyright!

We’ve seen where they’ve used the same logo for loads of different businesses just changing the name; or where the images/fonts they’ve used haven’t been cleared for commercial use; or where the copyright hasn’t been assigned to the person using the logo and they get stung with a big bill 5 years later!

(Not saying this is the case, this lady seems very genuine and lovely, but I would make sure the copyright for the logo gets assigned to you before you use it - always pays to be safe!).


Thank you, I will look in to that