PwC looking for VAs in Leeds and Glasgow


I received an email from LinkedIn advising that PwC are looking for a number VAs. If you are not already in LinkedIn I suggest you get yourself registered asap. Good luck.

Job description

About the Role

We have a number of opportunities for experienced Assistant/Administrators to deliver professional administrative and PA support virtually. This is an exciting opportunity to join an established team of dynamic Virtual Assistants who provide support to the firm’s Partners and Directors across the UK.

As a Virtual Assistant you’ll work from home four days a week and attend meetings in your base office once a week. You’ll be expected to manage your work priorities within a set 40 hour week and adapt this to the needs of the Partners and Directors you support. You’ll operate in the same way as an office based PA but must be able to adapt to this remote working environment, being prepared to consider alternative ways of working and communicating in order to form effective and strong relationships.

We’re currently looking for applicants for our Glasgow and Leeds offices. You need to have a journey time of no more than 2 hrs as you will be required to be in the office once a week. The majority of your induction and training will typically be at your base office so you will need to be more flexible and available to travel during the initial four weeks of employment.

This role requires a high level of self management and personal responsibility and the ability to prioritise, organise and manage events and tasks. A customer service mindset is critical. Strong technical skills, the ability to keep up to date with current and emerging technology including social media and other web based networking tools are key to this role. You’ll need to be able to demonstrate a suitability to work for the majority of the time on your own and to make swift sensible decisions in order to support the business at all times.

Successful candidates will be invited to attend a first stage remote video interview, followed by an assessment day during September, with the role starting in November.

Responsibilities in this role will include:

  • Manage demanding and complex diaries, using own judgement to prioritise and deliver efficient scheduling of meetings to meet the demands of your Partners and Directors and their clients

  • Anticipate and coordinate business travel and meeting arrangements

  • Take ownership of all enquiries and problems, resolving or escalating issues as appropriate

  • Consult with colleagues and specialists to ensure the secretarial team contributes to knowledge sharing and facilitates the constant development of skills and expertise

  • Undertake research using a variety of resources to enhance your own knowledge and understanding and therefore provide greater level of support to your Partners and Directors

  • Virtually manage projects and organise large events and conferences or similar activities

  • Build strong networks and relationships, internally and externally, demonstrating rapport and empathy with clients and building relationships quickly with your stakeholders and peers

  • Use the firm’s systems to maintain client information/travel and expenses

  • Exercise confidentiality, discretion and personal sensitivity in all aspects of the role

Skills required for the role:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to delivering excellent customer service within all aspects of the role, which include having a proactive and can-do attitude at all times.

  • Able to demonstrate strong organisational skills, regularly acting on own initiative

  • Proven experience of providing administrative support to clients at all levels of seniority

  • Proven client relationship management with the ability to achieve this virtually with both internal and external clients

  • Experience of managing and prioritising high volumes of work, providing full secretarial support to more than one individual

  • Excellent influencing and communication skills

  • Strong technical skills and the desire to be at the forefront of new and emerging technology ie: social media and other web based networking tools and the ability to influence others to use these to enhance the firm’s brand in the market

  • The ability to work proactively with the autonomy provided in this role

  • Strong task management skills and the ability to manage a number of tasks

  • Drive forward initiatives to create a continued sense of “team” within your virtual peer group

  • Continually innovate around ways of working with peers and customers


Ah - it’s a little misleading that they are using the words “virtual assistant” - basically this is being an employee who works from home, but you still need to go into the office 1 day a week.

What is interesting about these jobs is that they are using remote working as a massive carrot to traditional employees… Everyone wants to be a VA!


Yes Caroline - I noticed that myself and thought is was misleading. It is a remote worker rather than a VA but I thought I would pop it on the forum just in case it suited anyone to work that way.



Just wanted to add to this having recently become friendly with a PwC VA. They are basically home-based PAs with 1 day a week in the office. They work under quite strict rules and they are not allowed to print anything from home. Unlike a self-employed VA, they have little to no flexibility in terms of how, when and who they work for.


Yeah - it is an employed role.

What’s kinda interesting is that PwC are masters of culture management - people pay them to go in and do this for them.

A pal of mine used to work for them and it’s all quite culty surrounding how you speak to people and how you treat one another (in a good way, although it’s very strict!!). But even they aren’t managing the virtual assistants remotely. Sure - you can work remotely, but the culture and management is done face to face. I wonder why? Did they try and it didn’t work?

Oh, to be a fly on the wall…