Purpose-built 'work at home' homes in Fife area


Enterprise Homes sent me this info, having found my website. They thought it might be useful to my clients. I don’t have any clients in Scotland so I thought of some of you. This isn’t a recommendation because I know nothing of the company, but just a link for your interest and info.



How good do they look like, I wan’t one of those but in Glasgow. Think I am going to have to win the lottery first though :frowning:


Do you not think you’d just end up spreading the mess tho??? I find the more space I have the more mess I make… :unamused: Actually I think the main problem is that when you have lots of space instead of dealing with stuff straight away it kind of lurks… Which would explain the four boxes of printing I have collecting around the spare desk. And also the box of spare cables which I’m not entirely sure what they do. And actually all the “spare” stuff I have just in case too…

For anyone who is thinking about this - a little factoid: this is the hometown of Ian Rankin.

(What a mine of useless information I am!)


Sorry to be thick who’s Ian Rankin? Is it the chef?


Crime writer - wrote the Inspector Rebus novels. (I love them!)


Oh silly me - of course! Rebus is one of my favourites on TV. :blush:


I love Ian Rankin!

I have to agree with Caroline though, the more space you have the more space you use.

My office is in my loft conversion, I have one desk in the dormer window, another off the end of it, two cupboards and a filing drawer not to mention all the storage for my card making hobby as well. We seem to have fit a train set, rowing machine and so much more stuff in there as well! Shame that, there is no room for me so I work from the sofa instead unless I need to print!!