Purchasing Insurance


When starting out,
Did you purchase insurance before you got your first client or after

I know there will likely be a time frame in the start when I will be trying to hook my first client and don’t want to be paying nearly £40 a month until I do.


Hi Shelley
I purchased professional indemnity insurance before I had any clients. Whether this was the right thing to do I can’t say but it made me feel protected.
Keeping my fingers crossed your get your first client soon.
Kind regards


Thanks so much Angela,
I have confidence I can find a client in a “decent” timescale but because I am adding on the extras such as cyber and legal to make sure I’m covered, it’s increased the cost.

Everything else is set up and ICO purchased but it is just this has held me back.
Guess I better just jump right in and hope I find a client quickly.
Thanks so much x


I understand Shelley. It does get expensive. Especially when not all clients need our services long-term. I’m struggling to find clients at the moment. First I had many, now I have almost none despite receiving 5 star reviews.


Hi Shelley,

Personally, I had everything lined up and waited until I had a hot lead that I was fairly sure would convert to a client before I purchased.

Do what you feel comfortable with :slight_smile:

Wishing you all the best on the client attraction!



I got my first client before (at the time) I started my business. They were very small jobs, small amounts of money, and contacts I already had. When I began to get potential bigger jobs from clients I didn’t know but still referred and word of mouth I took out insurance which was retroactive to the day I started (which felt important as those first clients are still with me!). At that point I had the funds available to cover the insurance. I would suggest that if you have the funds and have found an insurer you are happy with then get the insurance straight away.



Hi Shelley. You definitely don’t need insurance until you sign your first client. Get some quotes and have a preferred choice ready to hit the button as your sign your first contract. But it also shouldn’t cost £40 a month unless you are also doing book-keeping or something extra. Think I may about £22 per month for PI, PL and Cyber cover. I have a 10% discount link on my website if you wanted to look at Policy Bee. But worth shopping around.


Thanks so much everyone. I have been desperate to get this business started but it always comes down to money.

I’ve been having a look at different insurances, the £40 came from policybee even with a referral discount:/ which was confusing but I am only opting for Pro.I, Cyber and Legal
(unsure if legal is a must but from the posts I’ve read over the past year, there has been a few unpaid bill issues with clients that i am assuming would benefit this feature) and I’ve not opted for public liability as I am not planning on working outwith my office yet

However, trying Direct Line as administrative with the same features comes in at £24, I’ll need to do research between the two to see I’d there is any reason why one is half the price but makes it a little more manageable.


Hi Shelley, I’ve just started out and I have a quote from Policy Bee and one from another insurance broker ready so that I can purchase it once I’m exchanging contracts.
Best of luck with it all!