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Thought this was rather a sensible article on pricing your services:

What I would add from a VA point of view:

  1. This is for a solo VA business, if you are a multi VA you have to factor in checking time for the other VAs, but you can increase the amount of billable hours overall.
  2. There is a natural ceiling for the number of hours that clients will pay for basic admin, and where that ceiling is massively depends on local salaries. E.g. If you are charging almost as much as they’d pay an a full time on site assistant, they may well prefer to do that.
  3. Specialist skills will pay higher rates, as will fast turnarounds, team environments, experience being a VA, and VAs who have equipment/systems that speeds up work or produces higher quality work.


Great post - it certainly gives food for thought


Really useful article - billability is key. Perfectly summed up when she says: “Realising that I needed to price my work at 50% billable time was a game changer for me. I no longer feel guilty about spending time improving my skills…”

The inclusion of a reasonable buffer also useful too. We’d do it with any other project of this kind of scale, and makes total sense to do the same here too.


Really useful article - thank you for that post :slightly_smiling_face:


That was a good article. I like the fact that non-billable hours were factored into the mix. I had always done that, but never with a simple breakdown like that. I applied it to my business and realised that I am the right track, which was very comforting.

Thanks for sharing.