Press Release Writing


Hi Guys,

Having recently been to a seminar on writing press releases, and subsequently had one published I thought I would try and share what I have learnt as far as layout etc goes.

The media like to get press releases in a set format that is easy for them to read and familiar to them. Some of the golden rules are:

  1. Always write in the third person
  2. Use short, simple sentences
  3. Use 1.5 line spacing and include a margin down the left hand side for editors’ notes
  4. Include contact details
  5. Headlines must be direct and in capital letters
  6. Avoid technical language
  7. Include a photograph or details on how to get one
  8. Ensure it has a date on it

The presenter told us that some journalists will only read the headline and the first paragraph so this has to be good. You should also make sure the release isn’t too loing, one page is more than enough, with paragraphs being only approx 50 words long. Make sure you put Press Release across the top.

Following these rules and an example I was given I created the following release:

Not the best bit of copy I know, but there was a deadline for submissions and I only had about 15mins to knock something together. However, it was published and I am convinced it is down to the layout etc as I have had problems getting things published in the past.

So how have ou all got on with PR? Anyone have any tips they would like to share? I’m sure I can’t have remembered everything from my presentation.


Great post Sara, thanks!!!

Get contacts either from your local media or from - the best contacts are always personal relationships that you build yourself though!

If emailing a press release instead of attaching pictures (which may get you spam filtered!) include a link to the picture online and make sure it’s hi-res and print ready.

There’s also a PR masterclass with Penny Haywood of PHPR available to download here: