Preparation to see your first potential client


I am in a position I did not expect to be at this stage where a potential client has contacted me and would like an initial consultation on how I can help her business.

I am asking a huge favour here but any tips on preparation for the meeting and also whilst in the meeting.

Thanks everyone in anticipation.


2 ears, one mouth - clients will tell you what they are after… I’d try and drill down on exactly where they feel you could save them time/money because essentially you should become an investment not a cost.

Be specific - loads of clients would love a VA, but don’t necessarily know where to start, so I’d focus on small things they could outsource right now, even as a trial to see how you work.


Goodness … well done!

I had just read your introductory post, and here you are several steps ahead of me who has been (supposedly) working on getting started for a while.

Hope the introductory meeting goes well … when I went for my first introductory meeting (as a SubVA) I was completely taken aback when the client just sat there, clearly not having thought about his needs at all, expecting me to wave a magic wand to mind-read and solve all his problems.

Fortunately I had done quite a bit of reading about him and his work and came up with several suggestions which we took on step by step.

The hardest thing for me, to this day since I still work for him, is the fact that he uses a Google email address which doesn’t seem to be very good on the delegation side of things … plus, for some reason, it didn’t like being added to my Outlook. Sigh!

Anyway, welcome :slight_smile: , good luck :four_leaf_clover:, and well done :star: