Potential new VA questions



After taking the decision to resign my job this summer after maternity (due to lack of flexibility) I am now considering what to do next and came across the world of virtual assistants. I am very tempted to follow this route as it gives me the flexibility I need and also hopefully, if I get it right, variety through having different clients.

I have a couple of questions though:

I am a UK citizen but spend a majority of my time in Italy due to personal commitments (my new family). I used to commute to the UK each week for work before being on maternity. I want to continue earning an income and ideally developing a business in the UK. My own VA business seems like a great opportunity to do that but wondered if anybody else from the UK moved to another European location and still does this job for UK based companies? Did you find any issues or concerns that come up e.g. barriers getting clients? I have a UK address I can use.

Second is that I have not been a PA before or in a traditional admin role for a few years. I have largely project based experience, stakeholder management, communications, customer service and client management. Of course as part of all my roles I did admin for myself or my line manager. I can market my other skills as a VA but I haven’t done some of the traditional PA/business manager type stuff which I imagine is often a core requirement for clients? I need to do some learning on software types and do some social media and SEO learning (planning to use my own website and brand to practice) but I wondered if any others had built their business as a VA without experience in what I imagine as some quite core areas? I feel able to do a range of admin tasks and learn quickly but just won’t be as efficient in them immediately as other VAs would and for example my typing speed is only around 54 WPM and I read it might be at least 60?

Any advice or thoughts appreciated!



Hi Helena

Actually we have a VA who does very similar… Stephanie Middleton Foster.

Having said that, with Brexit this is going to become a lot harder to do, and essentially you’d need to set up all your contracts as if you were exporting the work outside the UK in terms of data processing. Tax wise, I doubt they would be bothered as long as you are a UK citizen and paying UK tax - so you would need to keep a UK address here.

Skills wise - actually a lot of what VAs do ends up being project management. Your typing speed isn’t fast enough to do audio typing, but then it doesn’t sound as if that’s what you want to offer? (Typically you’d expect it to be 75WPM+)


Okay great thanks…yes, not looking forward to Brexit and an important consideration thank you! I will take a look for Stephanie as well.

No, I don’t plan to - I want to be able to provide general admin support as needed but to mainly focus on other areas I can add value. I can’t compete on areas such as audio typing so really wouldn’t be focussed on clients who want this kind of service.

Thanks for the feedback,