PO Box / business address providers


Hi all

I am looking into setting up a ‘business address’ or PO Box which I can put on my website, as I would prefer not to use my home address. The Royal Mail PO Box is pretty expensive at £283.50 for 12 months paid in advance for the basic option of PO Box Collect.

I have seen a different company called UK Postbox https://www.ukpostbox.com/pricing who offer a PO Box and you then buy credits if you are going to receive any correspondence and they scan and email it onto you. I just wondered if anyone had used this company before or perhaps could recommend any others?



Hi Cira,

I use my home address but it sits in my Privacy Policy so it isn’t viewed easily. That way I don’t have to pay for the PO address. I know businesses that use it and it is really good but it is with Royal Mail.


Hi Keira,

Thank you for that suggestion - that is an option I hadn’t thought about.


Yes, I do the same as Keira and it sits in my privacy policy. Like you I wasn’t keen on the idea of putting my address very publicly on my website!


If you want a cheap alternative I always recommend these guys…


The sole trader service at £54 +VAT per year can’t be beat. You can add other services like mail forwarding etc to it if you want to, and you get to use their WC1N London address.

I used to use them myself, but now just use my home address.


Thanks Simon for this. I will check them out. I’ve also found another company which I’m looking at https://www.registeredaddress.co.uk/ as well.

It looks like they have cheap options starting at £35 + VAT for a business address for a sole trader, although I imagine the price goes up in the 2nd year. However that price for their office address in East London, it’s considerably more for the central London addresses. They do provide mail forwarding as well though and virtual office spaces.


I have to admit, it has been a few years since I used the serivce I referred to. It was trhe cheapest at the time.

Like I said, I now use my home address, and save the £££’s instead :slight_smile:


Hi Cira - which option did you choose from? I need to do the same as I don’t want to use my personal address. I came across the UK Postbox option but didn’t know if it was legit.