Personalised explainer video


Hi everyone

I have recently created an animation explainer video using biteable and after many hours of getting to grips with the process I am happy with my final version. I cannot justify the fee to remove the watermark but would love to be in a position to do this.

Initially I was wondering if anyone else has experience of creating their own explainer videos and could share their advice as perhaps there is an alternative and secondly, now I have gained the experience of using the biteable website would other VA’s would like a similar video for their business and we could share the costs? To make this affordable I would need a minimum of 4 expressions of interest (making the fee around £40.00/50.00 each).


Hi Lucy, I was only looking at explainer videos today and wondering about including one in my new website. I would definitely be interested.


Great news. Hopefully 3 more VAs will express an interest too.


I would possibly be interested also. Am I able to see a snippet of what it would possibly look like so I can see the quality etc before I commit?


Thanks for your interest.
The system I went for in the end is
Visit their site and you’ll see a wide range of templates etc…
They promote access to a whole host of other material once you join and pay the subscription fee.
Please visit my own website to see the video I designed for myself. I am keen to be able to remove the watermarks.