PDF and graphics


Two questions for you adorable peeps. Has anyone any advice on which a good PDF package to get. Of course I’m wanting best features for less. I’m need to be able to add and remove pages, sign, redact and collate at the very least. Dont care about OCR.

PDFelement are doing a deal for Pro $69 for a year. I’m used to Adobe and Foxit but they’re pricey and I need pretty robust functionality. Anyone any thoughts.

Also best graphics package, it’s for design work. Intuitive and for a creative dummy (coz I no got any brwains) I like the look if photoshop but again too pricey.
I’m such a torture, but I love ya’s
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Depends massively what you are doing - if it is creating PDFs, you may not need a PDF programme at all as you can save to PDF from word/powerpoint/Canva etc?

If it is editing other people’s PDFs, or if you need other people to be able to work on the layers etc, you need something a bit more powerful like InDesign or Adobe Suite. And I’d probably just ask what they are using to avoid any issues with compatibility (which does occasionally crop up as an issue with other packages!).