Payments FOR Clients - Credit Cards


After reading Annabel’s great piece on Credit Card companies’ insurance policies being invalidated if it transpires that a card against which a fraudulent transaction has taken place had been shared with a VA/PA, I have no longer accepted card details from my clients, unless they either gave me a prepaid card, or dicated the number to me over the phone.

Recently, I discovered that LastPass Family option, does allow you to share credit car details securely (it does not appear to be an option in the business version though). If a client did this, would their Credit Card insurance still be invalidated should the worse actually happen?

Sorry for the difficult question.

Anna :blush:


I think the credit card rules might be different for an actual family member as legally you are financially linked. We tend to use a lot of providers who will invoice or have a client credit account. Or when we do travel, we’ll sort the options and send them a link which has their flights already selected and they just fill in the credit card.


That’s true @caroline … I hadn’t thought of companies invoicing my clients directly.
As for travel, do you send the link by using the Reserve options in with airlines etc or is there another way around it?

Do you have any pre-charged cards from clients? Do you know any good providers?

Sorry to be such a pest!


We aren’t insured to hold credit card details, and if you get issued with a company card in your own name, that becomes somewhat contentious as to whether or not you are an employee or a contractor. Best thing to do is a blanket “no buying on behalf of clients” rule.

If you really want to do it, BA let’s you book without seeing the saved credit card details in the account holder’s account. Or Skyscanner give you a link which selects the right flight times (and presumably if they do this a lot they will have accounts with their usual airlines so they won’t need to enter all their personal details).


The free version does allow Credit Card details. Not sure what the problem is.


Yes, but these would be card details of the client shared with me much the same way as we share passwords. i.e. with the option of not showing the details (I hope at least).

As you can see, quite a lot of assumptions going on as I do not have the paid version.


Interesting point. I had never thought about the implications of my having a card in my name in that way before. :thinking:


Can I ask for a link to Annabel’s piece on this? We have this problem!!


Yeah quite often on this stuff, it’s not so much the GDPR or legal implications but the knock on of how that impacts your freelance status…

@michelle_vh here you go


Annabel also included a link to test whether you should be classed employed or not. I took it and it was “unable to determine” because, I suspect, I do say I’m from my clients’ company/ies when I do anything on their behalf which is customer-facing.

In case anyone wants to try.

I will try calling them today to ask for advice on the card question.

PS: on the IR35 question Annabel makes is clear that if we work for a small business in HMRC terms (which she informs us is any business that can tick two of the following credentials - i.e. all of mine:1. Employ no more than 50 people; 2. Annual turnover of no more than £10.2m; 3. Balance sheet worth no more than £5.1m) then the onus of that determination is on us so it is quite important.


Yeah the CEST tool is under review though, and basically anyone who has challenged it in courts they’ve won. More results in April.

It’s weird, the old one was very clear, this one just declares everyone should be an employee!