Password Programme


Hi all,

I am looking for a password programme where I can log all passwords etc, does anyone use one and can recommend?

Many thanks



LastPass is by far the best - not just passwords, but payment cards, bank account access, passports - even documents and addresses.

You can use it in your phone, tablet and in your browser, so no matter where you are, your passwords are handy


that’s great - thank you.


Try True Key from McAfee it automatically saves passwords or you can choose which ones you wish to keep, “Say goodbye to the hassle of passwords”


LastPass is probably the most widely used. You’ve also got KeepPass or similar desktop based solutions, which means you aren’t relying on someone else’s security measures and avoid big data hacking. There’s pros and cons to both ways.

I tend to think LastPass for most VAs is safest.


I use LastPass :slight_smile: it’s really easy to follow


Many thanks much appreciated.


thanks Caroline - will try LastPass