Panicking! Sharing Inboxes and Calenders


Hello - please forgive me, I’m a newbie - about to start out.

I’ve been reading up (on this Forum) into the logistics of sharing inboxes and calenders and there seem to be so many different options, depending on what the client is using.

I use a PC and currently use Gmail, however, it looks as though Outlook’s the way to go.

I just tried importing my Gmail into Outlook (as a test) and Google wouldn’t let me, saying that Outlook’s not secure enough! What if this had been a client?!

What do you all tend to use to share inboxes and calenders? What main incompatibility issues have you encountered? a nutshell?!

Any tips/anecdotes/advice muchly welcomed!




Sorry - but any info would be really welcome!



Hi CHristina,

I don’t know a lot but I have several accounts on outlook which I find very user friendly but not very compatible for VAs as you can’t share calendars and you can only use on your PC. The phone app is not as good. my PC has to go in for repair and I will be stuck without it. But I’ve moved some over to google (g suite) as you can share calendars and move over domain emails and it’s much more flexible (although it doesn’t have features outlook does so I’m just having to get used to it).



Gmail doesn’t like you not using their stuff… If anything Gmail is way more insecure than Outlook. (I have a little bet on with some techie friends that Gmail is involved with the David Beckham email leak…I could be wrong but I’m willing to put money on it - no one has taken me up on betting against it yet!)

Generally I go with what clients want to use - most clients will have webmail access to their email addresses and you can use that to check. I prefer to do it that way as then I’m definitely logging on (and pressing GO on the timer!) and then logging out rather than just watching emails ping in all day. It also works out as more economic for the clients.