PA Show - 26/7 Feb - Is it right for "little me"?


Hi all,

I just remembered that when I first introduced myself, @Caroline suggested I looked at the PA Show

I have just been on their website, hoping to sign up for it, and was a little intimidated.

Has anyone been there before? I feel like it is mostly aimed at big corporations and that there would be no real place for me (though I haven’t looked at all the planned talks yet), am I wrong?

Also, I can’t find the cost of the ticket easily, does anyone know how much it is?

Sorry and thanks,

Anna :blush:


I agree - it’s a bit scary and the website doesn’t seem terribly useful for VAs.

What it doesn’t flag up much is that The VA Conference is part of it - with the second day (Wednesday 27th February 2019) being the unofficial “VA Day” of the conference, that’s the one to go for!

The VA Breakfast and Awards are free to attend and there will be plenty of well known VAs wandering about to chat to round the stands. Probably shouldn’t say this as a speaker, but that’s kind of where the value lies: Chatting to other VAs. Lots of business gets done and top tips swapped.

And we go away laden with goodie bags… (Or at least if I can get them into hand luggage for the plane anyway).


Thank you so much … I’ll book myself in right away.



I was my first time attending last year @Anna2017 - I only attended the 2nd day which is the VA conference and I will be attending again this year.

You will be made to feel very welcome :smile:


:tada: I’m all booked for the full day of the 27th Feb!

I thought that I might share with all those of you who, like me, have never been and feel a little intimidated, what I worked out and what convinced me to book myself in for the whole day despite the expense.

  1. The 2 Free seminars mentioned by @caroline look very interesting. The first of these is a panel discussion with award winning VAs about their journey etc. we are wanted that this is always a sellout so you need to reserve your place on this asap to be sure to get in (I am not sure how true it is, but can see how it might well be so).

  2. I had though of just going for this and the VA Awards to see what these are like, but despite being told that the networking is valuable, so many of the other 5 paid seminars seemed really valuable. Each seminar costs £20+VAT as a stand alone fee. But as I was so unsure about which to choose I thought I might be brave and “invest” in The VA Conference Day Pass which costs £72 (£60+VAT) and grants you access to all VA seminars of the day.
    Below is a list of the seminar titles in case you are interested.

  • #MyVACareer – Can anyone start and grow a successful VA Business? > 08:30 - 09:45 > FREE
  • #MyVAFuture – What should my VA business model be? > 10:15 - 11:00
  • #MyVAJourney - Skill or scam? Everyone’s sharing and collaborative, aren’t they? > 11:15 - 12:00 > @caroline will be giving this talk
  • #MyVABusiness – Opportunities to keep your VA business on track > 12:15 - 13:00
  • #MyVALinkedIn – Liking the look and latest moves of LinkedIn? > 13:45 - 14:30
  • UK VA Awards > 14:45 - 15:15 > FREE
  • #MyVAVision – Shaping your strategy for your VA business > 15:30 - 16:30
  1. If you book yourself in for the free events first, then change your mind and want to purchase the Day Pass, you need to ask their IT department to take you off the original bookings before you can put the VA Pass into your “basket” without it giving you a big “Clash in your schedule” error message. Doesn’t take them long.

Anyway … hope this might be a little helpful.

All the best,


27 Feb - FSB Cyber Crime and GDPR - Basingstoke
Tracy - good to be here!

Booking defo essential - also the security at Olympia can be quite tedious unless you have tickets, so book in! (Even as a speaker I have issues sometimes!!)


I’ve booked to attend on the 27th but couldn’t see anything about the VA conference? ive found the breakfast seminar but my train gets me in too late :frowning: is there anything else you recommend attending? Thanks


The Awards is free and later on but the other sessions will also be super useful for VAs…To see the VA Conference ones on the PA Show website, you need to go into the delegate pass bookings, view schedule, select Day 2 and the VA Conference schedule is far right of the screen… It is not the most intuitive thing!!!

But full agenda can be seen here:


thanks for this. Will there be exhibitors at the VA conference as well as the seminars? Thanks


Yes - you will come away with a goodie bag stuffed with freebies!!

Basically the main gist is PA Show exhibitors so there will be a lot of stalls focused on that which you might find interesting. But there are also VA specific ones too - lots of trainers, organisations targeting VAs, insurers, software providers, etc.


great. im looking forward to it :slight_smile:


I will be at the PA Show / VA Conference and its great - The best way to describe it I think is the “Ideal Home Show” equivalent for our industry.

You might find you want to go with a friend etc, but ideally sit next to different people in the seminars, talk to them - build relationships, build your network - its an awesome opportunity to do it and to pick the brains of those you see on the forums regularly.

I should add - I will be there exhibiting and speaking.


Thanks Anna for providing such a comprehensive summary! :star2: I’m looking at the website now and considering going. From what you say, does the Day Pass get us in to all of this, or do we still need to register for the two freebies?


You still need to register for the freebies, otherwise it’s a pain to even get into the building!


The VA Day Pass automatically enrolled me for all the day’s events which was why it would not let me buy it until the IT team from MASH MEDIA had “un-enrolled me” from the freebie sessions … but I don’t know if that was just me :blush:


Just read our email to promote the conference … very intrigued by what you said (copied below for any of you who didn’t get the email).

and we’ll be doing some very practical collaboration during the session… Something I believe hasn’t been done before on a formal basis. (I’m getting a reputation for creating havoc in seminars, just like at Northern VA Collaboration!)"

Looking forward to the havoc :wink:

PS: I didn’t know about the VA Conference website … and so nice to have an easily accessible agenda as it’s not as clearly visible on the PA Show’s website


I also only got told this morning that I’m not going to know what they layout is till I get there… LOL! That’ll be fun. However they did say I can commandeer a nearby break out space if necessary, so that’ll serve my purposes.


:laughing: madness indeed!
I’m sure we’ll manage somehow … we’re VAs after all :wink:


Hello Caroline. It is a few years now since, after all our posts and emails, we finally met up at what was then Office*. Well, I am due in London on 27th afternoon so I’ve decided to come to the PA Show in the morning/lunchtime. I’ve booked a PA Show seminar and then gone back in to book yours in the VA Conference. I found the procedure a bit cumbersome so can you tell me - since I have booked for and paid for your seminar, does that mean I am booked into the VA Conference to see the stands and meet the rest of you or do I need a specific day pass? I tried to book a day pass but it seemed to imply this was paying for 5 seminars. Hope you can advise. Anyway, I look forward very much to seeing you again, and other VAs I’ve been in touch with over the years! Thanks.


How lovely Janet - yes, that was a fair few years ago!!!

Yes, the seminar room is just a conference room within the main conference, so all the stands and free stuff is there too, you don’t need a separate pass. Having said that, see if you can add the VA Breakfast onto your pass as I think they need numbers for catering?