Outlook 2016 outbox problem and Google Drive plug in


Can anyone help? I am now on MS 365 and Outlook 2016. I’m sure when I first had this I had no problem re-reading/checking an email in the outbox and then re-clicking it to send. I’ve often gone back to check an email before it went.

Recently I installed the plugin for Google Drive. I may be prejudiced, because I really don’t like GD but am having to start using it for one organisation I work with, but since I got the plugin I’ve found I can no longer check my outgoing emails. If I open the Outbox, the message lowest in the list shows read (ie not in italics) whether I open it or not and then won’t send. Any I do open to check behave in the same way. I have to close them, then drag and drop them into the Drafts folder, then open them, then click on Send, then the move into the Outbox and can go.

It is driving me mad.

Annoyingly, it seems I didn’t need the plugin anyway as the only time I have sent a google doc to someone else, the person couldn’t even open it. The organisation I work with is only half-way using the system. I cannot for various reasons get them to use Dropbox or OneDrive.

I now have some PAYG IT support and the chap I spoke with thinks Outlook 2016 does that anyway. My sanity is in doubt! Does anyone on the forum know what I’m talking about?

Thanks so much!


I think Outlook does the same thing Janet - when you click on them in the Outbox, it basically holds them in the Outbox.

I’d maybe get into the habit of putting the To Be Sent emails in the Drafts folder and check them in there?


Caroline, thanks for this. Sorry for late reply - been snowed under. Well, very interesting. This week I uninstalled the Google Drive plug-in for Outlook and hey presto - my emails immediately starting behaving as normal. An excellent result! I can now check and edit my emails in the Outbox without having to move them into drafts to go through the send process again.

I certainly would recommend NOT installing the Google Drive plug-in for Outlook!

Best wishes to you all and sorry for the first time ever I didn’t take part in the survey. :frowning: but I’m going to buy it now! Essential reading! :slight_smile: Thanks for doing it