Order of windows?


A friend used my computer the other day and she left the windows all open in the wrong order - I always have: Email, internet browser, storage file then whatever I’m working on and it really bugs me if they aren’t in that order on the task bar at the bottom of the screen!!!

Anyone else have their own little quirks on window order?


I’m definitely with you and I only ever have open the document I’m working on and never multiple programmes!

Also, my ‘work for the day’ is always in a pile in exactly the same place on the desk and I work through it in order according to how it is diarised with the bit I’m working on currently to my left AND everything has to be put away and clear every night… I think I may have a bit of OCD going on :slight_smile:



I am SOOOO with you on that Sheena, I do like a nice handwritten list that I can tick stuff off on - glad to know it’s not just me!

I hadn’t realised quite how pedantic I was about it until I had to shut everything down in order to put it back to normal - it was impossible to work without it in the right order.


I’m a bit like that. I definitely have to have a handwritten list so I can tick things off, I know you can get them on your computer and I know you can tick them, but it’s just not the same.

Sarah x


You can click and drag the apps buttons on the task bar to rearrange them on 2013… :slight_smile:

I have a separate laptop for work so I don’t get distracted with Facebook etc, so they don’t get messed around with.

I use my other one for personal use - helps me keep my head in the right place! I do like a clear desk with everything in order also - hard to work for multiple clients otherwise - you could get in a right muddle!