'Opt Out' option on Cookie Banner


I was hoping someone could help me here. I’m one task away from my SVA ‘Approved’ status and to be honest I’m not an IT specialist and have tried numerous ways to sort this out. It’s giving me an awful headache and I really would appreciate some help from someone. My website is hosted by One.com and was created on their Web Builder Premium platform. In their settings for the cookie banner there is only one option and that is to Accept. I need to have an ‘opt out’ option to become ‘Approved’ by SVA and even though I’ve given instructions on cookie management in my Policy it’s not GDPR compliant. I would be very grateful if someone could offer their assistance on this.
Thank you in advance.


Hi Sandra,
I had the same issues so I feel your pain!. I used the Cookies widget on Elfsight.com
It’s GDPR compliant and customisable - one you have done it, it gives you some HTML which you need to add to your website. There should be an option within your website that says “add HTML”
Good luck!


Hi Shelly, thanks for getting back to me. I’ve been doing it with cookiebot this morning and I can’t get the HTML to work. It keeps coming up with an error message. I won’t let it beat me though. I shall plough on until I get a remedy.


Oh keep persisting. Have you googled the error, sometimes there are videos that may come up to help you? I had a similar problem with the WIX site but I think it may have been me on that occasion. Oops. Good luck


Hi Keira

I think I have it sorted. Was talking to a good friend of mine (Amy Stevenson) also a VA and she helped me sort it out.

Many thanks