Opportunity - Tech Confident UK VA


Hi I’m Cyd

Former VA and Founder of VA Agency Onit! Communications.

I have a small team of associate VA’s in my business and the pandemic has been a huge turning point, in the best possible way. Clients mostly come via referral and we support a range of service-based business owners.

I’m currently seeking a tech-confident Associate VA to bring into the team. You don’t need to have experience of funnels and launches, but an understanding of email marketing software and how to update website content will be hugely beneficial, as will a willingness to learn new tech related tasks. The idea is that someone will come onboard and we’ll train you on how we work with clients as a collaborative team with a view to you working 1-to-1 with a client in the coming month or 2.

If this sounds of interest, please feel free to submit details via our Expression of Interest form: https://onitcomms.online/VATechOpp

Thanks for taking the time to check it out!