Opportunity for experienced Property VA!


Hi everyone!

I have recently joined this wonderful society and I haven’t had a chance to properly introduce myself; I am Lucy, founder of I Need a PA. I have been working as a VA since 2014 and formally incorporated I Need a Personal Assistant Ltd in 2020: a fast growing VA agency. Using our Perfect Fit matching process, we match clients with their perfect VA.

Firstly, I would welcome any messages from anyone who needs support in setting up and running their VA business. Please do not hesitate to reach out for any guidance or advice - I’d love the chance to provide support to any fellow VAs.

However… I am actively on the lookout for a VA to join our team… so if you are looking for an associate role and have experience in the property industry this may be of interest to you!

We primarily run recruitment drives each quarter, but we’re pursuing a potential client within the property purchasing/renovating industry - we don’t have his perfect fit in our pool, so we have a really fantastic opportunity available. The client is seeking a VA (1 day in office in West London & 1 day from home) who has experience with property purchasing to assist them with administration, organisation & scheduling and liaison. I have a full job description with further information on the role so please do reach out if you would like me to share this with you.

I am so pleased to be here and can’t wait to get to know as many of you as I can!




Have you popped this on the FB groups and LinkedIn?

I will keep you in mind when speaking to fellow VA’s

Good luck