Hey lovely peoples. I’m on so many mailing lists but a specific American mailing list for VAs I’m on emails out job opportunities to their mailing list. It appears businesses come to them, the VA org then contacts their approved list by email and VA’s apply if the skills required fit their niche. Dunno if she gets commission or something, I dunno - I see there is a place for clients to find VA’s in the menu of this site but is there an active way of VA’s finding clients. Do or can businesses come to the page and/or Caroline and advertise? If not might be a revenue source fo the SVA site.

I do see VA’s can post opportunities in the forum but I’m guessing peeps would probably only post if they cant do it themselves.

Hope this makes sense. #musings


Hi Mandie

We have to be quite careful, the UK has quite specific rules about finding work or providing work for clients. You can either charge the clients a fee (and we don’t do that because we don’t want to put people off using VAs). Or you can charge people to get approved via training courses or pay to have access to job opps which you find (which again I think is unfair and could potentially reduce the quality of VA that the client is able to connect with). You cannot charge both sides, this is an illegal work agency in the UK.

So on the site you are talking about, I’d imagine they are charging the clients to advertise the role. They may also be charging the VAs in order to be approved or to do their training course in order to get access to those job opps.

We do get clients looking for VAs and contacting us directly, these go out to the approved list via email if it is something very specific or we will filter the list for suitable candidates who have the skills the client is looking for and then they contact the VAs themselves.