Online Course


I’m pretty new to the VA world and I am looking to maybe do an online course to make sure I am up to speed with all the ins and outs! Can anyone recommend any good online courses?!



So SVA has a list of their recommended trainers, of which I am one of them.

Happy to chat and help you get moving with a course and your business. I share lots of both free and paid for resources via my website:

Exciting times ahead.




Welcome to SVA.

There is a lot of information available on here, on FB groups. I can also recommend Jo Munro for her training - you can find her under the VA Handbook online.

Good luck :slight_smile:


Hi, I can highly recommend the VA Mastery Course Amanda Johnson offers, I’d have been lost without it, I looked at a lot of courses before deciding and it was a brilliant investment


This is usually where I send people:

Please, please, please only use people on the Approved list - you really need 5+ years’ experience as a VA before offering training and we’ve seen a rash of VA trainers setting up with under 2 years as a VA - their coffers start running low or it’s too hard to sustain so they turn to training… That’s not a successful model, don’t fall for copying it!