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Good morning all

I’m aiming to launch my business over Christmas/early New Year and, I’m working on my client onboarding process, what are the essential things to include in a discovery call, key things to ask a potential new client?

All help and best practice, gratefully received.

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Hi Annette,

Supplying them with a copy of your T&Cs of business, privacy policy and a form to complete which asks for full name, address, liaison (if more than one person to deal with) and invoicing details, and some questions to help you complete the contract with tasks/jobs they want you to do is useful.

I do my calls on zoom so I can record them and then go back and rewatch and make notes if wanted. If the call is unsuccessful it’s useful to see if there is a reason I can see, if it’s successful it’s useful to see exactly what they said they wanted during the call.

If you have anything legal you need to do - anti-money laundering for example if you offer bookkeeping creating a pack of forms and documents that you can send out makes things easy for you and looks professional.


Thanks Wendrie, really helpful, I was thinking along the same lines. Great tip about reviewing the discovery call if it didn’t go so well.

Have a great Christmas :christmas_tree:



Hi Annette,

Nice to meet you! As Wendrie has said, I always send the client over my Terms of Business straight after the call. I feel it can help with their decision-making process and means everything is upfront.

In terms of things to include in the call, I have a simple form that I complete whilst I’m chatting with them. Happy to email you over a copy if you want?



Hi Hannah

Great to meet you too. Yes, it would be really handy if you wouldn’t mind sharing your form, I’ve put a version together but wanted check-in with you guys who are already up and running to make sure I cover everything - please send it to annette@comva.co.uk

Super helpful of you - thank you so much x


Hi Anette, I am piggy backing off of your thread - hope you dont mind!

I am just setting up too and have put a form together with all my questions but afraid I may have missed something big off. Would you mind sharing the form that you have put together so I can make sure that I have got everything covered? I would really appreciate it.

Thanks, Jen


Hi Jen! I’m sure you haven’t missed anything but thats fine, if you drop me an email at hannah@apexva.co.uk I’ll get that sorted :slight_smile:


Hi Jen

Apols for the tardy reply, happy to help. Send me an email to annette@comva.co.uk and I’ll share what I’m using.

Best of luck in getting started - an exciting journey ahead!