Objections to virtual working


Writing some more blog posts…

What’s the most common objection you have when you suggest working virtually with clients? (Might be former employers or perhaps someone who just wants you to come on site…)

What’s their justification? And how do you counter it?


That’s really interesting!

I think the most common I’ve seen in the past is they’ve been wary of how you can build relationships virtually - hopefully current circumstances where many people have started new roles completely virtually show you can.

I draw on past experience of relationships I’ve built (obviously not given any client details) but how we can use modern tech zoom, FaceTime, slack to assist with this, but a little bit of a leap of faith in me is needed and to trust I can get to know them and their team whilst being virtually while we are trialling.


Does time tracking count? Clients are not familiar with this online system and how you can justify your time spent on the task/project. Unless it’s a project with its own specific timeframe.

Thanks @caroline and pls do keep us posted. Would love to share your blog.


It’s weird - I find people want us to have meetings and come into the office etc, and when I explain we don’t do that because it isn’t an efficient way to work and would mean they’d get a huge bill for not much work, they tend to see sense.

I also always insist on a phone/video meeting before I agree to any face2face ones… If someone isn’t willing to do that, but expects me to trek all over the place so they can pick my brain, it’s not my ideal client.


When my clients ask to meet me in their office I say certainly but point out I’ll be charging from the time I leave my office until I return, plus fares. I give a quote and most clients decide phone/online is fine. This year has been easier of course.


It just makes it so uneconomical - they are essentially paying twice. And I have a dread of all day meetings etc as it means a very late night catching up on everyone else’s work when I get back… It’s really counterproductive for me, even if I’m getting paid.


I am not oppose to the odd f2f meeting particularly in the early days to get to know the client and their business but i try to make it clear from the start that the whole point of a virtual assistant is that the majority of our business is done online.


I know quite a few VAs who won’t start working with someone till they’ve actually met them - and the odd client who works that way too.

However, I personally refuse to do lots of chasing around, if they truly must meet me face to face, I always insist it’s at my office - I’m constantly amazed by how many people then don’t turn up or are late! At least if I’m there, I can be working.


So far I’ve met all of my clients in person before I started working with them but that’s because they are all local and have been introduced to me by mutual acquaintances. I wouldn’t insist on meeting someone before working with them.

I think many people are just unsure how to approach working with a contractor and how to maintain a good relationship with someone who works virtually.


I think that’s exactly it Julian - they’d usually meet with staff and that’s the closest they’ve come to working with a VA before, so they kinda expect it.