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One of my clients I got through PPH (peopleperhour) and have always invoiced through it. Last month she asked if she could bill outside of it which I thought was ok as it saved them taking a 10% fee off my invoice!

She text me for Invoice on 31st Aug, never heard anything and then last Friday she asked me to Invoice her through PPH and she would pay it that day, still nothing.

I have text her this morning, to ask aboout payment, my terms are 14 days, as all of a sudden I can’t access the 1 & 1 webmail email I use to log in to for her work, her websites have vanished and she gave me a huge project to work on which I am loathed to carry on with if she hasn’t paid last months yet!!

What would else would you do?




If you got the job though PPH I would contact them as surely it was under their terms and conditions/ contract that you were allocated the work?


First stop would be PPH as Debs said - although since this piece of work was outside of them they may not be able to help… I’ve not used it before but does it have feedback for clients? You could tell her that unless you have payment within X days, you’ll report her for non-payment.

As long as you have a written agreement you can take her to the Small Claims court, although this will incur costs which you have to pay upfront. It sounds a bit odd though to suddenly not pay - can you contact her by any other means and find out if there was a problem with the work or if she’s just having cashflow problems?



Thanks for replies, I can only now contact her on her mobile phone, as her companies calls are all forwarded to me and the emails aren’t working.

She did say she was waiting for a large cheque to come in, which I know has now come in but I still haven’t had payment.

She signed a Booking Form which has my T’s & C’s on the back, maybe I’ll give her until this Friday and then ask PPH to chase it up for me.



Remind her again if you know she’s now got the cash - persistence is key in getting payments through I find!


And meantime, stop the work!


Are you local to this person? You could go and see her or when you phone say that you will call by to collect a cheque (or cash)



No unfortunately she is in Kent and I am in Devon!

She contacted me throught PPH and said that she was trying to source funds elsewhere. Then the next day she said that she had to get legal assistance yesterday, so fingers crossed we’ll get things resolved ASAP.
and that she should have better contingency planning in place going forward.

So what now I am still paying for her divert on my line to answer her calls, (not that there is many) and I am only doing an hour a days work for her as what if she can’t pay this months as well!!

I too have overheads and bills to pay, I will be ok until the end of this month but then she will owe me 2 months!




Definitely call her, say you’re about to have 2 months outstanding and that you need to pay your bills too. Explain you’ll be cutting off the phone line and putting her account on stop unless you have payment in full by end of this week. 3 days is enough for anyone to pay you in this digital world - don’t be fobbed off by excuses.

If you wanted to be nicer, call her up and ask when your bill will be settled in full, given her current circumstances and for this one-off circumstance. Explain that usually you expect payment in X number of days. Offer to allow her to pay you in chunks say £50/month (or whatever). But whatever you do, don’t be running up any more bills on her behalf!

I’ve always found there’s two main reasons why people don’t pay: 1) they’ve genuinely forgotten and 2) they don’t have the money themselves. but it’s not an excuse not to pay you - they are your client, they authorised the work, so they should be paying you.


Hi Caroline

Thanks for replying and the great advice.

I can’t call her until tomorrow when she get her mobile phone back, it was being repaired (so she could afford that) and say that I want some money even if it’s only half and say about putting her account on hold and stopping the phone divert.

Many Thanks




Just curious about why she isn’t paying for the divert from her line to yours?

I agree with everything above though, three days max for payment these days! I wish I’d had that when I was self employed!


Hi Jackie

She is paying for the calls to be diverted to my line, sorry maybe I worded it wrong.

I contacted her and said that if I didn’t have payment by 28th Sept then everything would be stopped and her account would be on hold!

She got back to me and said that without fail she will pay me on 25th September (TODAY!!!), hmm I am not so sure seeing as she hasn’t been in contact since last Tuesday!!

Watch this space!




But I’m guessing you’re paying first for the divert and she’s paying once billed. So you are still losing out.

Let’s hope she comes up with the dosh today, fingers crossed for you.


Any joy Amanda?


Well hopefully she’s paid???

I do think we all get rather embarrassed about asking for money - we shouldn’t really, we’d be mortified if we waltzed out of a cafe without paying - why is it different when it comes to paying for a service?


Don’t know Caroline, but I hated it too.

Now there’s a topic for the next Big Meet Up!


LOL! Very true Jackie!



Yeah she paid August bills, but guess what she now owes me Septembers bill which will be over due tomorrow.

She promised me that there would be no more delays in payment as I said I wasn’t prepared to do more work if she couldn’t afford it.

Then on Tuesday she sent me an email saying that she no longer needed my services and could I email her an Invoice for October’s work.

So I emailed her an Invoice for October another copy of September’s and a Statement to show how much she owed overall and asked when payment would be made and by which method.


So I emailed her first thing this morning and still no reply, I should just mention that after she paid August’s bill she cancelled the job on PPH so I can’t even go through them to get the money from them, I asked why and she said she didn’t like the new layout (they have changed the design of their website)!!!

What would you do in this situation.

Many Thanks



Well you have proof she ordered the work in the form of emails etc. You have proof the work was done (and presumably they used the new website etc for a while?) and they approved it at the time?

Sounds like you will have to get tough in order to get the bill paid - remind her the bill is outstanding, give her a deadline and then explain that you need payment otherwise you’ll have to put it to the Small Claims Court.



I did think about the Small Claims Court but the two Invoices added together only comes to £110.00 (which is a lot to a small business like mine), and by what I understood on their website it costs £175.00 to make a claim!

I am going to email her again today, to all the email addresses I have for her!!