Newbies unite!


Most VAs use Google calendars because it works on Microsoft/ical/and all the other phone diaries. If you need something fancier, there are lots of calendar based availability apps like or

It does depend a bit on what you are trying to do!


Thanks Caroline, that’s really helpful.


That would be great, I am in the process of setting up so any support would be very welcomed :smile:


Hi Guys I have just joined! I know this post is from a little while ago but if its still an option I would love to join? I launched my business on 1st September 2019 and am based in Tunbridge Wells in Kent. I have back ground in the motor trade, property (both lettings and mortgage administration and insurance brokers and would love to be able to chat with other VA’s locally.


There are quite a few VAs in the home counties, but the best way of meeting everyone is to book yourself a place at which is in Feb @ Excel in London. (Tickets still not on sale, but keep an eye out as they sold out last year!)


Yes Please - I am so new my shoes are still squeaking - sorry my slippers lol - cos I dont leave my front room much anymore for work!!! Totally fresh to this world so please do get in touch.


Welcome! We are planning a few things for 2020 at the moment. We will be in touch soon!


I’m looking forward to hearing all about it!