Newbies unite!



I was thinking it might be nice to have a little group of newbies support one another whilst they start up? We’ve done this a few times, and generally those VAs have been really successful because they’ve had someone to cheerlead within the group.

We can host you on a mini forum/group, we’ll give you access to some of the start up stuff we regularly use to set goals and get on your way…
Anyone interested?

If so, pop when you launched/are planning to launch belowand we’ll try and sort out some groups!


Sounds like a great idea, please count me in! Kind of launched in May but haven’t yet managed to get any clients so technically not yet launched!


I’d be interested too,

I also officially launched in May. (unofficially been in and around the role forever!).

Clients also a challenge since stepping up to make a full time role.

Be nice to share support with people in a similar boat :tea:


Well let’s say it’s a Summer 2019 group… I’ll pop something together on Friday.


I’m definitely interested. Count me in too!

Ideally, looking to launch sometime in August.


Please count me in, I started in May this year too!


I’m interested! I launched a few months back and would love a little tribe!


I launched in May too, I’d be interested in this.



I would be interested in joining this group too. I launched a few weeks ago and any advise, tips, support etc would be a tremendous help.




I’d be super interested! Just getting started and I’m completely lost, so any and all help is incredibly appreciated :blush:


Yes please. I am just starting up. Any help is welcome.

Thanking you in advance.


This is a great idea. I’ve not officially launched yet and am looking to do so soon and would love be apart of a community helping each other!


Hi, sounds like a great idea. I am in. As so confused. In what software and stuff I need


Perfect count me in, I’m brand new to all of this :grinning:


Me too, please. I started in April this year and have one client of my own and work as an associate for the other.


Hi, I’m just starting up so any advice is gratefully received!


Okay - I’ve been umming about the best way of doing this for ages, so apologies for the delay…

But you will notice there is a NEW CATEGORY which is for people who started Summer 2019, and you can pop over and say hello!!!

The idea is so that you guys can support each other with ideas about your businesses, what you are focusing on, what kind of clients you want to target, swap skills etc.

Go for it!!!


Hello from Edinburgh!

I am just about to launch my VA business in November. I have been a PA at senior level for 20 years but am finding it rather daunting setting up a VA business and would greatly appreciate any advice and support in setting up.


Hi Lorna - there’s quite an active VAs in Scotland FB group who quite often meet in Edinburgh, so make sure you join that!


Hi Caroline, thanks for your message. I have joined the VAs in Scotland FB group so I really appreciate you letting me know about it.

I wonder if someone could help me about managing clients’ calendars. Microsoft tell me I can’t share calendars if not with he same company/licence so wondered if there was a way round this?