Newbie :)


Hi everyone, I launched my VA business last week and am looking for some social media content ideas? I’ve got a long list already but don’t want it to get repetitive. TIA :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome to SVA!

I guess one of the things to remember about social media is that people usually feed it in a feed along with other posts. Whilst clients might check out your whole profile once in a while, they are usually just looking to see when your last update was (to check if you are still trading) and the kinds of things you do. Usually though, it’ll be a quick reminder of your presence when you pop up in among the cat memes and local FB group.

@AmandaJohnson had a good list of places to look for inspiration… (as per usual my own swiss cheese brain is approaching Xmas meltdown and I can’t remember where it was! Sorry!!!)


Hello, sorry only just seen this tag - ok so I have some blogs on this subject and tonight saw a great calendar from Contentcal.

I hope these help - if you need others, let me know.


Worth waiting for - knew you had some good ones!!


Thank you so much. This is brilliant!


Also think about your ideal clients and what they want to see - what stuff will help their business. Then use something like Feedly to pull the ideas through for you - so you don’t have to go and check 101 different websites for content.


This is brilliant Amanda, thanks for sharing. As someone totally new to the idea of social media (have only used personally before), it’s a good starting point. I’ll also take a look at your links - the page is bookmarked for later in the week.