Newbie starting up


Hi, I am Kim and I am just starting up. I have thought of a kinda name. Just getting to the website etc


Good luck Kim - few hints on the name here:


Hi I was thinking of delgate2kim for a name.


That is very good! I was “told off” by a business coach I approached who said “Pageeze” means nothing. I explained that it came from the Italian word for typesetting (“Impaginazione” - which they use much more broadly in Italian, to include any media which includes text) and a silly spelling for easily > ease > “eze”. He rolled his eyes saying it was too nuanced, but I like it.

But they do say it is very useful to have a name that elucidates what you do “does what it says on the tin” is the advert catchphrase they often quote.

All this to say … well done. Now focus on getting out there as I waited way too long … sigh!

Anna :four_leaf_clover:


Gotta be something you like!


So true … but I can see what the coach was getting at, much as I hate to admit it.

Incidentally @caroline, I thought Virtually Sorted was a stroke of genius … despite the potential difficulties it might have created for you. So good that you spotted them in good time!