Newbie Hello All


Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re all well today and enjoying your Sunday. :blush:

My name is Nicole and I have recently started my own VA business. It’s definitely been a learning curve and thankfully this site has been super helpful to keep me right.

I have signed up with the ICO, and have read through their site, but was wondering if any of you more experienced VA’s have any helpful tips for best practice with GDPR? Do you provide your clients with a privacy policy etc? Any advice at all I would be so grateful.

All the best,


I have a privacy policy on my website along with terms and conditions and cookie policy so I direct all my clients here for the information


Hi Jinty,

Thanks very much for that. I will check those out.

Take care


Hi Nicole,

Here are a few things we do to stay GDPR compliant.

  • We have a cookie and privacy policy outlining what data we collect etc

  • We add a cookie popup to allow visitors to view and choose how their data is used.

  • We have double opt-in in place for when a new opt-in form is submitted. We are also super clear, outlining in detail what out subscribers can expect to be receiving from us when they sign up.

Hope that helps.



Thanks, Chloe, that’s a great help. :slight_smile:


Yes - I have a privacy policy on my website too and direct clients there for everything they need and I also put my ICO Reg No on there too and how to contact The ICO.

Congratulations - Check out the Koffee Klatch for all documentation you may need and good luck !


Hi Nicole,

So I followed the GDPR info on the ICO website. I also have a cookie policy on my website, privacy policy (there are templates available online) and like VA Street suggested, check out Koffee Klatch, they have lots of supporting documentation that you can purchase - good luck


Thanks, VA Street and Keira. I’m going to check out Koffee Klatch just now. :slight_smile: