New VA in Cheshire


Happy Virtual Assistants Day!!

I’ve been a VA for just over a year now and looking forward to getting to know you all!

Have a great weekend.

Sarah :slight_smile:


Hi Sarah,

Welcome to the forum.

How was your first year as a VA, hopefully you are enjoying it and finding plenty of clients?


Thanks Julian!

Nice to meet you. Yes I’ve enjoyed my first year, I like the flexibility of working for myself, it’s great. Got a couple of clients. How about you?


Great to read that Sarah.

Same here, I love running my own business. It can be challenging at times but also very rewarding.


Great to meet you. Well done on completing your first year. Where are you based? I am in Sussex :slight_smile:


Thanks Keira, great to meet you too. I’m based in Nantwich :slight_smile:


Yes definitely, it is very rewarding.


Hi Sarah

Lovely to meet you - do have a dig around the main site as there’s lots of info on specialisms, marketing, teams etc.


Hi Sarah,

Not far from me! What a lovely place we live in! I feel so lucky to have the countryside on our doorstep!