New from Suffolk


Hi all, I am Liza and am finally almost ready to actively client seek.

I will be helping creative people/business’ to improve their online presence by building and maintaining their Wordpress sites and improving communication with MailChimp.

I have been a family carer for last 20years, and have built a number of blogs and mailing lists for myself and family. Always around craft or reading, as I am a prolific crafter and avid reader myself. So I feel confident that I am well placed to understand the needs of the creative community.


Hi Liza,

It is great to meet you. It looks like you have your niche market already planned out. That is an amazing start right there. Welcome and wishing you the best.



Thanks Petra, good to meet you too


Sounds like you know exactly what you’re doing Liza. All the best!


Hi Liza

Nice to “meet” you! Those mailing/website skills will stand you in good stead - they are very sought after! Have a read through the main pages of the site which have lots of ideas on marketing and getting those first few clients.