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Hi all,

This may sound a strange post but how do you network? I am in Facebook groups I feel my clients may be in and I am trying to be active on LinkedIn, but I am not sure I am doing it the right way?

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I use Facebook and LinkedIn on a professional basis. LinkedIn is a personal profile and Facebook is a business page. To use them effectively you need to be active on a regular basis not only just posting your own posts but interacting with others by commenting, liking and sharing their posts and also in groups/pages. So far Facebook has not really brought me any business but LinkedIn has brought me a couple of Clients.
The other more effective networking, however is networking groups, most of which are currently running online but as lockdown lifts may well go back to being face to face. I would certainly recommend joining one or two local networking groups and if your stuck for ideas you could start by looking for BNI, 4N, or Chamber of Commerce Groups though I have to say I tend to find the more independent groups are often more successful.


Hi Nina,

It is tough but the following blogs might help you:



The biggest advice I can give you is think of networking, both in person and online as dating - it’s about building relationships, talking to people, being helpful and not selling. When you go for the immediate sell - it puts people on the backfoot, so think about how you can add value without being salesy.

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I’m currently ‘dating’ on LI only and it’s not easy.

The prospective clients want to constantly see what you do and how you can support them.

It’s a daunting (almost) daily task but this is how it works for the time being.

With the event and hospitality industry opening the doors shortly, you’ll have another opportunity to network in person as @AmandaJohnson mentioned.

You’re not alone!



TBH I don’t… And yeah, that’s mainly because I’m in the very fortunate position of being established and not having to (most of our business is referrals or organic SEO). But a number of years back we looked at the amount of time and money we were spending on this stuff, and it just didn’t produce a return on investment for my business, so we stopped doing it. We know people check our social media to see if we are still active and the kinds of things we do, but we’ve never had a client cold from social media, we know our clients don’t spend lots of time there, as they tend to be time poor and cash rich. Similar story with face-2-face networking - those drowning in admin aren’t spending time at networking events.

I must stress: This is an unusual stance for a VA business. The most effective ways of getting new business for VAs are:

  1. Referrals
  2. Face-2-face networking
  3. LinkedIn

But I thought worth mentioning because if it’s not working for you - do something else!!! The main thing is that you build marketing outreach into your weekly schedule.