Needing transcriptionists!



I’m after some transcriptionists - full details on how to apply here:

I’m always very upfront about the deal - we pay £10 an hour, but:

  • it does fit around any other work which you might have
  • you can say yes/no to jobs as they come in, depending on what your other workload is like
  • you get experience of being a VA using our Virtually Sorted systems
  • there is no client contact whatsoever, everything goes via me


Good Afternoon

I just read on the Society of VAs page that you are looking for transcribers. I have over ten years experience in transcribing for NHS as well as Social Work and private companies. I would like to get further detail before considering applying. Would this please be possible?
• Quality of recordings
• How long are the recordings
• How many voices and accents
• Turn around time
• Types of transcription required
• Any other relevant information

Looking forward hearing from you.


It varies is the answer! We have lots of different clients who use the audio typing service. Generally we’d expect 10pm turnaround on work outsourced during the day if it’s under an hour long.