My new Blog - Passion Under the Microscope


Good afternoon fellow VA’s.

My new Blog (link below) is about passion and why we should embrace it more in our lives.

Hope you enjoy / agree (but if you don’t enjoy and disagree I really don’t mind!)



I really enjoyed reading your blog Liam, thanks for sharing! I like your copy :slight_smile:

It got me thinking about my passions. Perhaps boringly, a huge passion for me is my business! I really get a kick out of doing what I do, having complete autonomy and deciding where to go next.

Also being creative - DIY, home decor, makeup, craft with my kids…

That’s me!



Thank you Hannah and it’s great that one of your major passions is your work.

Actually, recently I’ve been doing horse racing blogs for a couple of clients - shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but I would gladly do these for free!

I can’t think of many things worse than doing any form of DIY to be honest with you, but you do demonstrate my point perfectly about everyone having a diverse range of things that personally make them tick.

And as the world seemingly becomes more divisive in nature, being different to one other is indeed something to celebrate!