My first client pitch


Hi all,
I’ve been a VA for 6 months now and currently have 3 amazing clients, 2 of whom I’ve known for years and I was recommended to the 3rd client by a mutual contact. So off to a cracking start!

This week I now have my first new client pitch and the nerves have just kicked in. I have no doubts that I can deliver what they are looking for, but just wondered if this community of amazing VA’s could give me any tips on things I should mention, or questions I should ask to a brand new client.

Thank you so much all!


Hi Amy,

Congratulations on your flying start and this new lead! So exciting.

I’ve got a form that I fill out during my discovery calls - bit like a crib sheet to make sure I ask all the right things! If you feel it might be useful pop me your email and I’ll get it sorted :slight_smile:



Hi Hannah,

Thanks so much for your message and offer of sharing your crib sheet with me; that would be amazing! Thanks so much. My email address is

Thanks again!


Could I possibly have a little look at your crib sheet as well please?


Hi Amy,

Could I possible have a copy of your crib sheet too please? I’m just starting up as a VA so all help very much appriciated.

Many thanks,



Hi Hannah,

I would also love to have a look at your crib sheet if you don’t mind we have just started up recently as well. Our email is would be really grateful if you could share?