Multiple Outlook Accounts Notifications Management


Dear all,

I have 6 accounts in Outlook.

My mobile Outlook App, allows me to turn off notifications for certain accounts but I cannot find a way to differentiate notification settings in Outlook for desktop, no matter what I look up.

The only suggestions I found are for creating rules for specific people or for messages that come in with a “high” importance level, but I would like certain accounts to always notify me of new emails and others (particularly personal ones) to not notify my at all.

Does anyone know how to do this?




Oh dear … … just moments ago I had written this post saying that I had succeeded because the Options were different for each account (though I did say that it baffled me as Options for fonts are universal).

I informed you that by simply making sure I selected my personal account from File > Account Information > Options > Mail > Message Arrival > un-tick all that apply, it had worked.

What I have now realised, it that it had indeed made the changes throughout the accounts.

Funnily enough, I hadn’t noticed all day and I did not suffer for it, so I think notifications will stay off and I will create the rules to make a sound whenever “urgent” emails come in or when a particular client (who likes responses asap) writes to me.

Sorry I could not give a solution to this problem … I might write to Microsoft to suggest they look into it but I quite liked my day without jumping whenever emails come in.

All the best,