Most hated jobs...


What is the one bit of your VA business that you really hate doing? For me it’s billing the clients, yes, I will have actually done the work but putting together what everyone is to be billed drives me daft.

I also hate having to go to the Post Office to send parcels - I live for the day when they create a super postbox where I can weigh and size and post parcels right from the end of my road…


Caroline - Have a look at Collect+ For any parcels that cost more than £5 with Royal Mail it’s definitely worth using! Plus you may well be able to post them from the end of the road!


My main one is the Post Office trip to. I send out quotes for one of my clients and he likes them to go out in the post as soon as I’ve prepared them for him.

Which was fine in the Summer, a nice stroll to the P.O. was a good excuse to stretch my legs and get some fresh air. Unfortunately now though the ‘fresh air’ has been replaced with rain and gale force biting winds, so the stroll is now a very fast walk, while battling with my brolly.

Just thought of another! Something I’ve always disliked ~ filing! I have a pile of my own paperwork waiting to be filed, as I type. I’m so organised with other peoples work, but my filing does get out of control.


I agree with all the above!


I just can’t find enough time to write articles for my blog or find time to keep the content of the website updated. I find I nip onto my Facebook business page and add things/updates there instead - it’s so much quicker. :typing:


Hey Heather, you are reading my mind! That’s weird. I was just sitting here, up to my eyes, and wondering how bad it was that I’d not blogged since end of August, and my thoughts turned instead to my FB business page… :slight_smile:


I think the post office thing is having to interact with other people - I can be quite antisocial when I’m working! LOL!

Yeah, blogging falls off my To Do List quite regularly too. I actually like doing it, I just don’t have enough time.