MLR checks


I have just received notification that I will be receiving a call from HMRC to ‘make sure they have up to date information and to find out whether I need any further help from them’.

This may/may not result in a visit from them.

Has anyone been through this process and what did it entail?

Dawn :unamused:



I had a call from them a couple of years ago. Basically, I explained my processes to them (i.e. complete a form similar to those used by IFAs), see originals and keep copies of driving license/passport and two recent utility bills. Also needed to demonstrate my understanding of the MLR rules and what my responsibilities are under them. Luckily I have a background in financial services so this wasn’t too onerous. They did want to see a copy of my policy and procedures for MLR but did understand that as it was only me I hadn’t actually typed it all up! They were happy I knew what was what but also very helpful if I did have any questions.



Thanks Sheena - thought it was along those lines and have actually realised thst I need to update my register as some clients have changed addresses etc.