Microsoft Outlook unsafe?!


Hi - I’ve just attempted to import a Gmail inbox into Microsoft Outlook 2013 - for the first time and Google (Gmail) wouldn’t allow it as apparently, Microsoft doesn’t have the security requirements needed and is deemed as unsafe.

I am able to continue says Google, but I need to turn off the security handling, which makes my Gmail more vulnerable to hacking.

Has anyone else experienced this - and what did you do?



Hello Christina

I use Gmail and Outlook 2010 and have never had any issues with it. I’ve been using it for over seven years, and had a new PC three years ago so set it all up from scratch again.

I have four different email addresses on my Outlook programme (general personal Hotmail one, my own work email, and two client emails), and all work fine. I have had issues with getting them to work when first adding them, but once I’d worked it out (the issues were my fault), I find it very convenient having them all in one place. I even have different notification tones for each email, so when I’m transcribing I know whose email it is :slight_smile:

I am presuming as I have an older version, that would also be a problem with Gmail, but I haven’t come across it. Not much help to you I’m afraid, but I shall follow any further replies with interest.

Previous to using Outlook, I used to use Windows Live Mail, and had three accounts on that, but I found it rather basic so changed to Outlook when I had my new PC.


Is this on the online version or an actual software version installed on your desktop?


Thanks Nicky!

Yes - it’s the desktop version that came with my PC Caroline…
(sorry for the delay!)


Never had that with the desktop software install… How bizarre! Sorry couldn’t help any more.

I wondered if it may be an anti-virus thing if it was the Outlook 365 version because you are linking permanently / repeatedly to a site. Other than that, I’m out of ideas!


Hmm - OK! Thanks anyway!