Membership costs


I got asked a few questions about this in response to the UK VA Survey questions… Rest assured, we’re not putting stuff behind paywalls, that’s not how I operate! The donation is voluntary, you can still join if you aren’t in a position to pay. But we can only continue to do that with your support.

However, with more and more of these “PAYG” VA memberships popping up, we thought it was worth pointing out:

Now sometimes that means we will be slower to get back to you. Sometimes it’ll mean we can’t do all the stuff we want to do with SVA (I’d love to get a perm PR person working on promoting the industry!). But it keeps best practice easy to access for those who are likely to go most wrong - and that’s good news for all of us as VAs.

Why? Because walking into a networking event where someone tells you a horror story about the VA they worked with isn’t fun - it undermines us all when one fails.