Meeting Scheduling Tool - 'Schedule Once'


Hi I came across this meeting scheduling tool, Schedule Once

'Based on a patent-pending scheduling engine, ScheduleOnce is a simple Web 2.0 service that helps you find a time for your meeting with absolute accuracy across all time zones and daylight saving changes.

Schedule group meetings, conference calls or any type of event. ScheduleOnce does not require registration, is completely web-based and free!’

FYI really, I plan to use it - you may also find it useful and it’s FREE!

Bye for now


This sounds great Dee. I shall go and check it out now!


You are most welcome Sara, I hope it proves useful. If you have checked their website you will have most likely seen that once you have scheduled your call you can use a free conference call facility via Rondee.

Even better!

Have a great weekend.