.MBOX to .PST convertor?


Hi everyone,

A few months ago, I switched hosting providers to 1and1. I currently use Gmail for my emails, but as I can get emails through 1and1, I don’t see any point in paying for them through Gmail.

I’ve got my email backup from Gmail which is in.MBOX format but, I want to start using outlook which means I need to convert the file format to PST.

I don’t mind paying for a programme but I need to know that it works first, so do any of you have any suggestions of the best one to use? Or can any of you help me with this?

Thanks in advance for your help.



Hi Stef,

Sorry, only just spotted this one…
I don’t think there’s any way to get 1and1 to lift all the emails from the old email into the new one. It’s basically 2 separate inboxes so you are right - you’d need to physically move all those emails.

However, you can convert the MBOX files to EML files which should open in Outlook for you. Put them all in one Gmail folder, right click SAVE AS, then drag them into Outlook and it should work?

HTH! (Or that you found a different solution!!)